Energy Efficiency
and LEED


Let Excella Group
your green
building partner.

Our goal is to provide sustainable energy and environmental management concepts and strategies to our clients.


We work side-by-side with real estate developers, builders, owners, facility managers and other industry leaders to create and maintain energy efficient, environmentally friendly, healthy and cost-effective buildings.


Our team of specialists provides creative business solutions based on innovative ideas and approaches, proven technologies, and our body of sustainability expertise.



Excella Group simplifies and streamlines the LEED certification process, providing coordination and insight to support your design goals.  We focus on strategies that produce the lowest Full-Life-Cycle cost, while achieving the highest environmental performance.

A few of the green building services we provide are:

  • LEED Project Management:  LEED provides a set of quantifiable standards that allow the public to measure the impact of sustainable building practices.  We help you manage this important and complex process.

  • Charrette Facilitation:  Charrette is a form of collaborative project design, based on close consultation with stakeholders.  An integrated design methodology brings all project requirements and constraints to the fore early in the process.

  • Materials Research:  The materials in your building affect energy use, indoor air quality, durability, and the environment.  We can help you discover the best materials for your particular application.

  • Energy Auditing:  We can evaluate your building and look for energy saving opportunities.  This includes cost / benefit analysis and research on available rebates.

  • Energy Star:  Using tools developed by the EPA, we can compare your building with other similar buildings.  Based upon this benchmark your building may be eligible for the coveted Energy Star label.

  • Energy Modeling:  Using computer simulations, we can predict the energy usage of various design options before you build.


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