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Our commitment to ongoing operations support and the LEED movement drive us to constantly seek out the “best practices” and most efficient solutions for each of our clients.


Have you joined the ever increasing number of organizations committed to LEED-EB certification of their property operations? 

Although the efficiency and sustainability benefits of LEED-EB certification are fairly self-evident, it helps to have a facilitator on board who is versed in operations and is respected by the many constituents who make a LEED program successful. 


When property owners want a truly objective review of their operations, they will look outside their existing staff for a qualified and unbiased assessor. 


At Excella Group, Inc., the same multi-disciplined team that performs pre-acquisition inspections can periodically report on your progress correcting deferred maintenance.  This process preserves your safe working environment, assures compliance with current regulations, and optimizes the investment opportunity for equity holders. 


Our team is populated by specialists with property management experience and an eye for practical solutions.


Read more about the energy efficiency and LEED services provided by Excella Group.            

Excella Group’s thorough property condition assessment involves a full analysis of a building's systems: structural; site drainage; irrigation; roofing; waterproofing; curtain wall (more in-depth than just an architectural review or waterproofing evaluation); HVAC; electrical; plumbing; fire protection; vertical transportation; and code/life safety issues.


Services also include assessments of Americans with Disabilities Act compliance, environmental risk, indoor air quality, radon gas, and lead in drinking water.  We also perform zoning reviews and parking analyses.


Even the largest corporate facilities' staffs need supplemental assistance from time to time.  Demanding schedules, tight facilities department budgets, and time-consuming procedures, which slow down hiring, all point to outsourcing as the best solution.  But, with the number of professional agencies, how do you choose the best one for your needs?  Excella Group, Inc. has a multi-dimensional professional talent pool available for all your project management needs.  Our team will assist you with everything from developing an initial budget that substantiates all expenditure requests to timely execution of projects on mission-critical facilities.  Whether you are re-stacking and churning space or constructing a new building, our company can make the process easier, more efficient, and less time-consuming.

For major projects in which the corporate staff has little or no experience, it helps to have an experienced resource available on short notice.  Unlike hiring new personnel, at the conclusion of your project, the contract with Excella Group is complete and there is no further financial burden on your department’s budget.


As building systems become increasingly complex, sophisticated clients incorporate an accountability system into project development that assures proper project completion.  Before, during, and after construction, we guide the team and perform an independent technical review of critical operating systems before you accept the final construction.  Many times, our clients seek full-commissioning as part of their effort to achieve LEED certification by the U.S. Green Building Council.


Industry protocol set out by ASHRAE is the foundation of our service.  Our team of professionals operates every piece of equipment and verifies performance in accordance with design criteria.  As independent agents, our sole mission is assuring our client that the finished project meets or exceeds all the original contracted building criteria.  As an agent, independent of the building designer or construction contractors, our evaluation of your building is completely objective.


Our professional team includes previous facilities and property managers.  They are supported by a wide array of engineers and specialists who are experts in their fields.  This team of hands-on operators and professional problem-solvers is an ideal source of information and planning for the maintenance and operation of any building.


Through its strategic partnerships, Excella Group, Inc. can deploy its recommended procedures as a web-enabled maintenance software program, allowing facility managers to simply plug-and-play.  Or, if you already have a preferred maintenance or planning software, we can help you implement and populate the database.  Our team will tailor its services to your specific needs.  If you utilize our strategic partnerships, training will be provided on the implementation and use of the software, along with unlimited ongoing phone support.  And, we can support your property regardless of where it’s located.

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