Let Excella Group
your green
building partner.

At Excella Group, real estate is not an ancillary endeavor.  It is our core mission to support those responsible for their organizationís real estate.


Your building or campus is often the first impression a client has of your company or institution.  Proper construction and management of your facilities is the key to maintaining that image, but the number and complexity of tasks can be quite daunting. 


Even if you are a real estate professional, some problems are solved more efficiently with a little extra help, not another large salary.



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         Assessment and physical evaluation such as pre-acquisition reviews and facility audits

         Project management of new building developments, renovations, significant capital projects, and troubleshooting

         Maintenance advisory services, including design and monitoring of maintenance programs

         Facility management of campuses or real estate buildings, as a part-time advisor or to carry out special programs


         Real estate investors and operator professionals

         Educational institutions, including colleges and universities

         Corporations who own real estate to support their main lines of business

         Not-for-profit organizations that own real estate


         Typically, our Dallas-based team is able to efficiently handle all services throughout the State of Texas and nationwide

         On occasion, when great distance is involved, we associate with local, qualified advisors as needed or utilize offices of team members located near the project

         For ongoing projects outside of our primary market, we take up residence near the project until completion

         Several of our technical professionals are bilingual in English and Spanish


When engaged to provide construction-management services, Excella Group typically joins the project team through a negotiated contract during the design phase.  

Working with the architect and engineers, our role is to bring value to the project by achieving optimum cost, schedule and product quality.

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